Hello World

From chess to medicine and criminal law to self-driving cars, will algorithm overtake humans creating a world that currently only a futuristic utopia? Holly reviews Hannah Fry’s bestselling title, Hello World, which offers a cautious approach to the question of whether machines can outperform humans across contrasting fields of our society.

Lessons from COVID: the #payup campaign

Sofia Voudouroglou reveals the background to the recent #payup campaign and discusses its importance in the current global economic climate and how consumers have a huge role to play with regard to improving working conditions for vital garment workers.

A few thoughts on nutrition: how does our diet affect our brain health?

Scientists predict that the human brain uses 20 – 30% of our daily calorific intake, but how does our diet contribute to psychological disorders and cognitive disease?

Artificial intelligence is more than creating humanised robots

Aritifical Intelligence, or AI, has become one of the most noveI approaches to many aspects of medical research, but the principles of AI and benefits to integrating AI-based systems in current practise remains misunderstood by many.