A Big-World View

Being a scientist is about more than your research

How does our lifestyle impact the world around us? How can we support sustainability initiatives through our work? Even though it can be hard to know where we fit into the bigger picture, it’s often worth looking at the problems from a different perspective. Which of our responsibilities overlap between our research and role in wider society?

Lessons from COVID: the #payup campaign

Sofia Voudouroglou reveals the background to the recent #payup campaign and discusses its importance in the current global economic climate and how consumers have a huge role to play with regard to improving working conditions for vital garment workers.

Consumerism and why it hinders sustainable business

Let’s get one thing straight. Humans will continue to be the most widespread mammal on this earth. We will continue to require food, transport, energy and consumables. We will also continue to generate waste. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with using earth’s resources and advancing technologies to make daily tasks simpler, but we need to…

Sustainability is more than reducing plastic waste

 “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan, Author If I’m being completely honest, I first began thinking about this title months ago but never knew exactly how I wanted to approach the topic. Admittedly, I’m also not entirely sure where my seemingly overnight drive…

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