Science Stories

Not all science is learnt from a textbook

With every new discovery there is a story to be told. Imagination and creative thinking is of utmost importance to the field of science. There is always more that can be learnt from reading science writing than simply facts themselves

Dear Life

Birth, along with death, are experiences known by each and every one of us as two critical events in an individual’s life, yet it it often remains an unspoken truth for along long as time allows. Holly Leslie reviews an autobiographical recount of one doctors experiences working in a hospice, delicately written by Rachel Clarke.

Hello World

From chess to medicine and criminal law to self-driving cars, will algorithm overtake humans creating a world that currently only a futuristic utopia? Holly reviews Hannah Fry’s bestselling title, Hello World, which offers a cautious approach to the question of whether machines can outperform humans across contrasting fields of our society.

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